History Chronology


TOKYO PEARL CO., LTD was established. Takezo Koyama, Founder of Tokyo Pearl, started to export mainly Akoya cultured pearls to jewelers all over the world.


Backed up by the worldwide network of jewelers, built up through the pearl business, Tokyo Pearl started to import diamonds and sell them to domestic jewelers.


Started importing and selling Black South Sea pearls from Tahiti. At first, in Japan, black pearls were not so popular and also they were extremely expensive. Although people in the domestic jewelry industry stayed away from Black South Sea pearls, we continued to import, introduce, and sell them, strongly believing in their peacock feathers like beauty.


Tokyo Pearl Building (Head Office) was completed in Higashi Ginza.


YAMATO GIKEN, our own pearl factory, was established in Ise, Mie prefecture.


Tie-up with Seikatsu Club.

Overseas affiliated companies (Antwerp, Bangkok, New York) were established.TP Colored Stone Co., Ltd. and TP Diamond Co., Ltd. were established.Sales offices in Kofu and Osaka were opened.


T.P. DIAMONDS. CO. LTD., our own diamond cutting factory, was established in Bangkok, Thailand.


Takezo Koyama, founder, was awarded with the decoration “CHEVALIER DE L’ORDRE DE TAHITI NUI” by the President of French Polynesia, H.E. Mr. Gaston Flosse. The award was bestowed upon Takezo Koyama in recognition of his contribution to the marketing and promotion of Tahiti Black pearls.


Consolidation of overseas affiliated companies (Antwerp and New York), TP Colored Stone Co., Ltd. and TP Diamond Co., Ltd.


Start of import of Golden South Sea pearls in earnest and selling them to domestic and foreign jewelers.


GIA acknowledged our original diamond cut “DEWY DIAMOND” and named it “Buff Top Round Mixed Cut.” It is extremely unusual for GIA to establish a new terminology, especially for a one-of-a-kind cutting style. We are proud of this novelty cut, with soft and dewy brilliance.


Became a sole agency for GALATEA USA in Japan.